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Программирование. Ступени успешной карьеры. Авторы: Кузнецов М.В., Симдянов И.В. PHP 5. На примерах. Авторы: Кузнецов М.В., Симдянов И.В., Голышев С.В. PHP 5/6. В подлиннике. Авторы: Кузнецов М.В., Симдянов И.В. PHP на примерах (2 издание). Авторы: Кузнецов М.В., Симдянов И.В. MySQL 5. В подлиннике. Авторы: Кузнецов М.В., Симдянов И.В.
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The teacher brings children to understanding that the drawing is connected with the text, explains it, demonstrates the taking place events, heroes and gives an assessment to their acts. Work on attentive examining of illustrations, ability to see and learn the images concluded in it is continued. Also the attention to means of expressiveness by means of which the artist creates an image is paid, transfers the attitude towards him; on the drawing reflecting character of the hero through the image of a form, structure, pose, the movement, gesture, a mimicry.
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Nagiyev commented on rumors about two families.
That sometime, in a century,
quality priority over quantity.
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